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DesktopWeb FormText   ouch! ... Speech Server resetWed, 09 Aug 2006 01:26:58 GMT # 

Marshall's got the details : Speech Server to ship as part of Office Communications Server 2007

this kind of sucks, because i hate waiting. was really hoping that a SpeechTek keynote would be announcing the ship date of Speech Server 2007 sometime this year. now it looks like there will be another beta and then finally released Summer 07. that's a long time from now. already had redirected my spare time to Speech Server after the last press release. had put out 2 dev articles, 3rd one is in the works. got the happy-day scenario working just last night! it needs another month of baking ... but i think it's pretty cool. going to finish it up and then start concentrating on something else. being independent, i need to try and stay ahead of the curve, but now the curves been set too far out.

for the rest of the announcements, i have no clue what Office Communications Server 2007 is. honestly, i make fun of Office developers ... so i don't like the name. do like the Instant Messenger integration ... since i already went down that path : /speechTextAdv. that just makes sense. sounds like we'll be able to do some other cool stuff too