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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : end of mass building cycleSun, 13 Aug 2006 18:43:56 GMT # 

finishing off a 2 month cycle. body weight is now just under 260. since i tore my hamstring, most of the gains were on the upper body, but my leg strength was catching back up over the last month. e.g. did a couple reps at 850 on a medium-difficulty leg press machine yesterday (knees to chest). but on bench today, i threw up 315 for 9 reps (spotter had to help on the attempted 10th). since i haven't been lifting low reps/heavy weight, a conservative estimate would put my 1 rep max over 375. but with some heavy training, that puts me in range for thinking about 405 (4 plates).

my supplement choices this last cycle were pretty good. i liked the Univeral M-Stak before workouts, Nitro pack after workouts, and thought the Flex pack was pretty good for joints. just wish the Flex pack was split into smaller packs for taking it twice a day. for protein, Optimum whey continues to impress and i thought Muscle Milk was ok ... at least it tasted great. the Universal protein was crap. it mixes ok, but tastes bad, especially their egg protein. i haven't really liked any egg protein i've tried yet. the next one i order definitely needs to be some flavor other than vanilla. also tried NOX-CG3 for pre-workout. it didn't mix very good, and i thought it was ok. doubt that i'll ever take it again.

now it's time to put this extra muscle mass to work. the next cycle will be 1 month of fat loss. so i'll be spending most of my time on the cardio machines. will still have to sneak in some short weight training sessions to try and keep my body from cannibalizing all of the lean muscle mass i've been purposefully adding. during this time i'll be cycling off creatine and ZMA.