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/mobileRecord is an MSN instant messaging bot that allows you to schedule TV recordings on your Media Center Edition PC. you communicate with the bot using Messenger, and the bot communicates with your MCE PC through a client application. it's like MSN Remote Record, but it's tailored for small screen devices when you can't get to a desktop PC. i.e. i wrote it to work with my Motorola Q Smartphone running MSN Mobile when i'm out and won't get home in time to see a show, or when i'm out and see a show on that i want to be recording. granted, you can also use it from a desktop when you are away from home. the article has some video links so you can see it in action.

it also has a voice-only interface using Speech Server 2007 that lets you record a TV show from any phone. i don't know of any video provider that has that funcationality? anyway, that piece can't be released because Speech Server is in beta, but the article has some audio recordings of it in use.

the bot has an MSN Space to let you see what others (anonymously) are recording : you can subscribe to the RSS feed to be introduced to new shows.

if you'd like to try the bot out, but don't have an MCE PC or aren't sure if you want to install the client-side piece ... it has a demo mode. just add to your contact list and you can get an idea of how it works.

finally, this is my entry. you can vote for it here