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DesktopWeb FormText   about to retire the notebookMon, 02 Oct 2006 00:07:06 GMT # 

use a notebook for all my personal development. current notebook (Toshiba Satellite P25-S509) has almost reached the 3 year mark (purchased 12/31/03 for $2100) ... so i'll be replacing it soon. in that time it has run xp home, xp pro, win2k3 server, tablet pc os, and now mce 2005. its been a great notebook but is now on its last legs. cd/dvd burner doesnt work at all. battery is dead, unplug the AC adapter and the notebook shuts off within a couple minutes. clip that holds ethernet cable in is gone. speakers might be blown. some of the keys are getting iffy, either sticking or not registering. doesnt cool as good, and it will shut off if it gets too hot. no blue screen, just instant off. plastic side panel for pmcia slot and s-video has about half of it broken off from an airport security check. usb ports are worn so that if you bump them it thinks the device has been disconnected. but the only thing that held back development was the 32 meg video card. it keeps me from viewing video directly in MCE PC and will occasionally lockup during DirectX usage. finally, it sucks that it can only read 1 gig SD cards. regardless, it helped me churn through alot of code ... it'll be missed. funny thing is i picked up the 3 yr extended warranty from BestBuy. so i'll be handing it over for them to get fixed up a bit. when it gets back home i'll retire it to act as an MCE server