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DesktopWeb FormText   new notebookSat, 07 Oct 2006 16:58:02 GMT # 

got another toshiba. making my last 3 notebook purchases Toshiba ... brand loyalty from me? no way! they just seem to offer the right price vs performance. actually, i would have bought the Acer 9810 with a 20 inch display, if the bastards wouldn't have put an HD-DVD drive in it. seriously, i don't need/want HD-DVD/Blu-Ray on a notebook. only been 24 hours with it, but here's my current take :
pro - core 2 duo with 4 MB cache, 2 gigs of RAM, video card, vista premium ready (installing RC2 this weekend)
con - 4200 RPM harddrive (i'll be replacing that with 7200 flavor). number pad on keyboard (hate typing to the side, and some of the keys have been squashed to make room for the number pad)
undecided - shiny screen (don't know if this is good or bad yet)

one thing different from my last notebook is i have access to the built-in wireless card. i'm hoping this means i can replace it with 802.11n in the future! but what i don't understand is why i still have to add a dongle to the notebook to support a wireless mouse? MS and Logitech need to make a standard for their wireless products, and support should just be built-into all notebooks/desktops. it does have Bluetooth, but there aren't that many decent Bluetooth devices out there ... and for a trackball user like myself, forget it. trackball users are the left-handed step-children of the computing world :(