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DesktopWeb FormText   a little time with Vista RC2Mon, 09 Oct 2006 05:00:10 GMT # 

finally made the jump to Vista. got everything off the old dev box except for the /mobileRecord bot; which will stay there until i get a full dev environment setup on Vista. Vista RC2 installed some flavor or .NET 3.0 ... but i'm not entirely sure if i can just smoke that to load the September CTP?

anyway, installation was quick and painless; but driver support still sucks, even for 32 bit. had to find a modified video driver and audio is working through a USB adapter ... meaning the onboard sound card isnt working. bluetooth, fingerprint reader, and something else(?) are still unrecognized. can live without those, but really need to get the onboard sound to work. the security dialogs are pretty much annoying ... so they better be making me secure! what i'm most happy with is the network stack, it's definitely faster. although it 'might' have some issues with the HDX101 powerline ethernet adapters? have had a couple downloads freeze ... but too early to tell for sure. initial MCE (and extender) setup was easy. except now i need to port a bunch of my custom apps over ... or rewrite them entirely :)

got the bad cable modem swapped out too, and although its the same model, this one 'seems' more reliable ... so far