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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : secret weightlifterSun, 29 Oct 2006 17:22:48 GMT # 

started trying out a new gym that just opened up near our house this weekend. its not looking so good, because its just barely got enough upper body equipment; and there isnt near enough lower body equipment. its got squat racks, a smith machine, machine leg press, seated calf, and seated leg curl, leg extension ... thats it. at a minimun it needs a free weight leg press, lying leg curl, and bent knee abductor/adductor machines. that would get it on par with my current gym ... which is still lacking. in general, wisconsin has horrible gyms. when i visted my parents last week in TX, the small gym i went to there had a much better equipment selection then the largest gyms near me. plus they've got the mammoth gyms like 24 hour, lifetime, and LA fitness. i would kill for a warehouse gym like that.

anyway, my only hope right now is to make suggestions to get the new gym up to snuff, so i've been leaving about a page of suggestions after every workout session. my experience has been that your only chance of changing a gym is when they are just getting started and will try to do stuff to steal members from existing gyms. i've been leaving suggestions for my current gym ... which have all been ignored. except now i can try and leave suggestions about how the new gym is better. e.g. they've got a T-bar and a decline bench. i need those! but unless the new gym gets some leg equipment, there's no way i can make the switch :(