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DesktopWeb FormText   buyer remorse : zuneWed, 15 Nov 2006 04:57:46 GMT # 

tried out a zune today ... and didn't like it. during setup, the demo content was deleted. don't exactly know how/why that happened, so it immediately lost my confidence. then i plugged it into a PC hoping that it would just be automagically recognized as a mass storage device ... it wasn't. i hate having to use software to sync. also, it only came with one cable for syncing and charging. it should at least come with an adapter to be charged from an outlet. not to mention i prefer mini USB cables because i have those all over the place. then, it recommends you install an use the zune media player. come on ... i don't need/want another media player. finally, where's my API so that i can write CF apps to run on it? WiFi sharing ... i'm not that cool. if i shared any of the music i listen to, it would just lead to me being ridiculed. all in all, i dislike the zune for the same reasons i don't like ipods.

just to rub it in Chad pulled out his 60GB Toshiba Gigabeat ... and i liked it alot. twice the storage size for similar price. mini USB for sycing as well as a separate wall charger. portable media center UI was very similar. it was recognized as a mass storage device without any driver install. pretty sure he said you could use it to transfer generic data too. its pretty much what i expected the zune to be.

i've owned alot of MS hardware : mice, keyboards, router, game controllers, xbox 360, trackballs, remote controls, fingerprint readers, etc... and this has got to be my worst experience. actually, i'm ok with the hardware itself, but the software experience ... no good. it needs a serious firmware update ... quick