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i love kramer ... as a TV character. the actor that portrays him ... i couldn't care less. actually, that's how i feel about all celebrities ... i just don't care. but modern media keeps forcing this nonsense on me. so here's my take (because i haven't pissed anybody off in a while). the part i saw was that he got heckled and made racist remarks. that's a stupid career move in his part, but does he even have a career anymore? then he makes a public apology. next i see that the black community is speaking out against him. er, um ... why? i don't remember the video showing him making racial comments against every black person, just the guys that were heckling him. by that same logic, should i be offended by the heckler on video calling him a 'cracker'? because that is a derogatory remark against white people ... and i happen to be white. but you know what ... those words weren't directed at me. and when it comes down to it, those are just words. sticks and stones anybody?

but racism is wrong, and the only way to get rid of it is to remove everything based on race. every form that has a checkbox for race ... get rid of those. affirmative action ... stop it. the concept of 'reverse racism' ... there is no such thing. it's all racism. scholarships based on race ... make those illegal. casinos for native americans ... bad. BET ... you're kidding me. all of that crap just prolongs racism. get rid of it all. when that happens, then our society will be serious about ending racism.

now to go all nut job. another thing that'll help end racism on earth is to discover alien life. that'll help remind us that we're all a part of the human race. i really wish that our world was less competitive among itself. my wish is that we would cooperate more and compete against the unknown. i.e. we are top of the food chain on earth ... but what about the rest of the universe? yep, that really is how i think ...