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DesktopWeb FormText   xbox 360 video marketplaceMon, 04 Dec 2006 06:22:32 GMT # 

messed around with the video marketplace. thought the prices were ok ... but should be cheaper. especially for my 11 minute adult swim videos ... those should be more like $1. do like that TV show purchases don't expire, can roam to other consoles, and will still play on the original console. now how about letting me extend those video purchases to a Media Center or transfer them over to a Zune? for movies, the price is too high for the rigid media usage rights. movies expire after 2 weeks or within 24 hrs of starting to play. nor do they roam to other consoles. if it's going to be like that, then lower the price. and if somebody wants to re-watch a move they've already paid for, then it should be cheaper subsequent times. did like how you can start watching a movie (and TV shows) while its being downloaded. for music videos ... there were 4 of them. you've got to be kidding ... get more content. the selection of movie trailers was much better, but still far from complete. overall, i think its a great start. now i'm just waiting for MCE to get a similar marketplace ... and how the extender experience will be integrated. they said 'live anywhere' ... so lets see it

also picked up the Burker King mini games. i was really skeptical, but for $4 they are pretty good. 200 achievement points each, two have live play, graphics are decent, and they are better quality than some of the other arcade titles which are more expensive. it was just annoying that i had to actually go to a BK to get them, and that i have to swap out a disk to play them. i'm all about downloading content and just having it live on the harddrive.