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DesktopWeb FormText   XNA thoughtsMon, 18 Dec 2006 04:09:07 GMT # 

haven't got to play with XNA yet ... but these are some of the questions/thoughts i jotted down :

-i'm assuming it works with the new wheel accessory. XInput has rumble, but what about force feedback?
-can we get audio from the headset? no. this stops us from doing custom speech recognition. hope that we get audio access, and ultimately SAPI.
-can we get a video feed from the camera? no. this keeps us from writing gesture reco / augmented reality games. hope that we get video access and then access to the gesture reco libraries.
-how much file access do we get?
-what happens when we attempt network access? they've said multiple times that we will get network access.
-do we get storage card access?
-can we read from DVD or HD-DVD?
-hoping that they are still thinking about allowing media access.
-can XNA hook button presses from the remote control?
-how does debugging to PC work? breakpoints, console.writeline, ...
-can we get metadata about a user's setup, including TV resolution?
-can we hook a USB keyboard?
-can we get text from the popup keyboard?
-find out differences between developing between PC and 360.
-how do we work with multi-proc? just spin up a thread? can we choose what proc it goes on?
-do we get access to read gamertag info?
-how long until somebody applies a bluetooth hack to get a wiimote working with XNA on a PC ...