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DesktopWeb FormText   samsung q1 ultra review 2Tue, 31 Jul 2007 13:49:10 GMT # 

still more comfortable with the thumbboard on my smartphone (Moto Q), but am getting used to the Q1s split keyboard. its easier at arms distance, because when its up close your eyes have more distance to travel from side to side searching for special keys. an unexpected surprise is the 'popup mouse' for touch screen use. it was intuitive to me that the you could click the left and right mouse buttons, but it wasnt intuitive that you could drag the mouse and the mouse cursor would follow. this makes it alot easier to be precise with a fat finger. also found that there are settings to better support touch. so the windows buttons and scroll bars are made larger and are significantly easier to operate with touch. i'm also getting used to the joystick modes and the mouse groups. the problem is i'm not getting used to the touch screen keyboard or dial keys. need to find a way to increase the size of both. only seen videos of the iPhone touch keyboard, but i think it looks more usable. finally, i've turned Aero back on, because it provides bigger targets. overall, i'm getting much more comfortable providing user input. and i am real happy with my choice of UMPCs, because this one basically forces me to get comfortable with touch screen interfaces.

there seem to be a # of inconsistencies though. 1) Aero is better for touch, but i'm assuming the increased graphics style is taking away from performance and/or battery life? 2) the Origami experience is great for touch ... but it doesnt run in portrait mode. wtf? 3) its got a mic array for speech reco, but the .8 ghz processor takes a beating when i've got the speech recognizer running. did find out that it supports SDHC, so i've got a class 6 card ordered for ReadyBoost, to see if that speeds things up a bit.

one annoyance is that i've already got an APC power pack, but it doesnt have a tip to fit the Samsung. i consider both at fault; APC needs to provide a tip, but Samsung should have stuck with a more standard power adapter size. also, why don't UMPCs have a Windows Live client like Windows Mobile devices? finally, the Tablet Education pack needs to have some of its programs migrated over to UMPC.

oh yeah, UMPC brings the sexy back (i'll have to beat myself up for typing that). taking my old Tablet out in public doesn't have any effect, but the UMPC is a definite attention getter. the general public has no idea what it is. just waiting for somebody to say 'it's like a big iPhone'.