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DesktopWeb FormText   phone situation updateWed, 01 Aug 2007 03:13:55 GMT # 

still looking for a new phone. the phone i want is the HTC S710. with all those (beautifully functional) buttons, its basically the anti-iPhone. it's only drawback is lack of 3G (supposedly there will be an updated version with HSDPA). since the phone will become a slave to the UMPC, i'm thinking 3G is now a requirement. which brings up the Samsung BlackJack, which supports 3G and will be getting an update for WM6. but i still cant get it because GSM sucks in my area. AT&T hasn't rolled out 3G where i live and T-Mobile is mostly non-existent in WI.

that leaves CDMA. have had Verizon EVDO for over a year now. in that time, Sprint coverage has improved a ton and they now provide 3G in my area too. the problem is i dont like any of their phones. if i had to choose, i'd go with the Sprint Mogul. it's also an anti-iPhone because MS and Sprint are actually encouraging developers to get it through a special offer! the problem is i'd much rather have a Smartphone form factor.

so i'm stuck in a holding pattern until AT&T gets 3G in my area or the CDMA providers get some better WM6 phones.

for fun, i went and played with the local AT&T store. walked in and asked about HSDPA ... they had no clue what that was. said 3G ... and they responded that it wasnt available here yet. any idea when we'll get it ... no idea. pulled out the UMPC, showed them the sim card slot, and asked how i could get a plan for it. my version of the Q1 doesnt actually have a GSM modem, i just wanted to see if they had any clue ... and they didn't. they immediately went into the 'we only support phones sold in the US'. to which i responded that i bought the UMPC from BestBuy across the street. they didn't have a response for that. followed it up and asked if could get a data plan with just a sim card ... they said no. asked if i could get a phone with a plan and an extra sim card tied to that plan ... no. asked if i could buy a phone with sim card and plan, throw the phone away, and use the sim in the UMPC ... they said the data plan would only work on certified devices (which isnt true). hard to believe US wireless providers still suck this badly.