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DesktopWeb FormText   UMPC connectivityFri, 03 Aug 2007 02:16:04 GMT # 

spent the time and pain to get the Moto Q synced to the UMPC, so the UMPC can use the Qs EVDO internet connection. first step was to sync with a USB cable. all i needed to do was download the latest Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC), not to be confused with the Weapons of Mass Destruction Center (now i'm probably on a watch list and my phone is tapped). to create the connection i used PdaNet. could probably get it connected without PdaNet, but i've seen so many good reviews for PdaNet and remember beating my head against the wall trying to get connected in the past ... that i had to give it a shot. it worked great! was on YouTube within 5 minutes. the 3G over USB chewed up YouTube vids without any problems. was thinking that i might be fine with EDGE, but now that i've seen 3G on the UMPC, i'll definitely be sticking with 3G for the next phone.

next step was to get the connection over Bluetooth. was able to pair the devices no problem, but when i tried to sync over bluetooth, it said the service was not available. you're kidding me ... bluetooth still sucks? fumble around for another 30 minutes and a friend helps out too ... still not connected. google to the rescue and find a post with people having the same problem and explaining a registry change to be made on the UMPC. crap ... bluetooth does still suck! do the registry hack, restart, initiate sync from phone, fire up PdaNet, and it works. it seemed fine for browsing news/email, but it was definitely slower than the USB connect. e.g. YouTube vids would play for about 5 seconds and then have to rebuffer.

final step will be to try and initiate the connection from the PC, so that the phone can just be hidden away. my initial (intuitive) attempts have failed so far.

so bluetooth still sucks. i've always loved the concept of bluetooth, but the implementation still leaves much to be desired. hell, this should all be figured out by now such that PdaNet shouldn't even have to exist. but i'm still having the same pains that i've had with bluetooth devices for the last 5+ years? maybe Windows Mobile 6 and Vista SP1 will finally get it right ... i hope ... please ... serious.