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DesktopWeb FormText   hanging up the remoteSat, 08 Sep 2007 03:10:19 GMT # 

i'm done kicking around the MCE SDK. time to move on to some other focus. wrote my first MCE article over 2 years ago (5/23/05). out of something like 25 articles since then, 14 have been MCE related. early on, there was tons of stuff to write about, because there weren't many publicly visible developers. now there's a small active dev community. for the future, i'd like to see the MCE SDK concentrate less on the UI piece, and start exposing more visibility into the users experience and content. e.g. MediaMetadata needs to be populated (always) and MediaState needs to be supported (not a sample). the UI was a problem early on, but now there are 3 options (Hosted HTML, XBAP, MCML). the thing that does still need to happen regarding UI is choosing a common technology to be used across MCE Extenders, MCE PCs, XBox 360s, and MediaRoom devices. developing for a 10 foot experience should be the same across devices. personally, i think that technology should be Silverlight. anyway, the biggest take away i got from developing for MCE is that it forced me to learn DirectShow. DirectShow lets you get as close as you can to the Media regardless if the media is FM, Live TV, Recorded TV, DVDs, streaming media, videos, etc... it all goes through DirectShow. this is where the DirectShow .NET project on SourceForge comes in ... it rocks! as a professional contractor, the MCE niche hasnt done much. i've had a couple hits about paid MCE work, but nothing ever came together. i've had more hits from DirectShow than from MCE. the most hits i get from anything remotely MCE related is XBAP.

/mceSapi - background add-in for controlling MCE with speech
/mceState - using the MediaState API
/mceSalt - speech controlled Hosted HTML pages
/backRow - using WPF to create a Front Row-like Media Center
/mceXInput - background add-in for controlling MCE with an XBox 360 controller
/mceDivX360 - original technique to stream DivX movies to an XBox 360 through MCE
/mceVideoSearch - embedded WinForm control hosted in MCE for searching videos
/mceWorldWind - running an external DirectShow app from MCE and controlling that app using the remote
/mceDirectShow - experimenting with how MCE uses DirectShow with TV/FM Tuners
/mobileRecord - mobile recording solution using MSN Messenger and WF
/mceZipPicWpf - XBAP app for viewing zipped image archives with MCE
/mceItvSilver - prototype for using Silverlight 1.1 within MCE to view Internet TV streams
/mceDvd360 - investigating methods for streaming DVDs to an XBox 360 using MCE
/umpcFrame - using a UMPC as a secondary display / virtual remote for MCE