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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : no calvesSat, 15 Sep 2007 17:24:31 GMT # 

it has been a while since the last brawn post. bodyweight is around 240. the amazing thing is that we went on a week long cruise to alaska, and my weight didnt change, even though i was eating like a pig. think i pulled that off by hitting the ships gym everyday, taking the stairs all the time, and doing a ton of walking when exploring the ports. aside, i always have a smile on my face when working out on a rowing machine while on a ship :)

since we've been back i've been meaning to do another weight loss cycle, but haven't managed to get disciplined about that. my workouts have been mostly unmotivated. been working out half my life, so this happens from time to time. the good part is i keep going. not to sound like an old school GI Joe cartoon, but getting dressed and getting to the gym is half the battle. then i just see what happens. if i cant come up with the energy myself, then i'll leech off somebody else. e.g. if there's an older guy busting his ass, i'll think to myself 'i want to be working out that hard when i'm his age' ... then i'll get to work. if there's some young kid working hard, i'll think 'cant let that young pup get stronger than me' ... then i'll get to work. if some housewife is trying to get back into shape ... i'll think 'if she can get a workout in, then so can i' ... and i'll get to work. that's why home gyms don't work for me ... because of energy level.

have managed to workout my calves regularly. genetics really let me down in this department. this sucks, because i workout my legs trying to avoid the chicken legs stereotype. but my calves are somewhat comical when compared to my thighs or biceps. so i've been hitting my calves as often as i can. started out doing all seated exercises, but have been alternating between seated and standing for a while now. they are getting alot stronger (almost 2x as strong from when i started), more defined, but mass is still lacking. got to keep trying ...