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DesktopWeb FormText   now whatTue, 09 Oct 2007 00:36:37 GMT # 

whenever a contract starts to wrap up, i always evaluate my current technical skill set and try to figure out where to go next. i'm casually beginning that process now. some of these past choices have paid off ... many haven't. i'm pretty happy with my recent choices. WPF/WF/WCF were must learns. i feel comfortable in each, but they are so freakin huge i've still got alot more to pick up. over a year ago, i was torn if i should learn DirectShow or not ... now i'm really glad i picked it up. 3D is also turning out to be a good thing, and i need to start thinking about learning shaders. still waiting for Speech to really take off ... like always :)

there are also techs i've purposefully avoided. lately, i've been avoiding the web. Ajax just doesnt do it for me ... still waiting for the web to get an enema. Silverlight is interesting, so i've take an initial look, but it needs to get pushed to more MS platforms (mobile, 360, mediaRoom) before i invest more time.

for the future, my first step will be to move exclusively to VS 2008. LINQ will be a must learn as well. my database skills are entirely amateurish, but LINQ looks like something i might be able to live with. long term, i'm seriously thinking about improving my math skills to help with 3D, media processing, and AI.