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DesktopWeb FormText   where is the Zune API?Thu, 11 Oct 2007 14:41:50 GMT # 

tried Zune v1 ... with the outcome being that i disliked it for the same reasons that i dislike iPods. i’ll try again when the v2s come out. as a consumer, if it doesn’t just show up as an external drive that allows me to drag media onto it to be played back ... i wont bite. i absolutely despise having to use syncing software. files and folders -aint- broke.

but as a developer, where is the API? for years, i asked for an API for portable media centers. those devices were actually running the compact framework; but they were closed! the Zune has buttons and WiFi. that’s all we need to write useful plugins. XNA lets me write code to run on the Xbox 360, now it’s the Zune’s turn to lift up the skirt and provide some sort of API. Compact Framework and HTML support would be a good start, and then adding Silverlight after that hits mobile devices. i want Ballmer jumping around on stage yelling 'developers, developers, developers' with a Zune in his hand. that’s why I (generally) choose MS and avoid Apple.