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DesktopWeb FormText   WMP11 library problemsSun, 14 Oct 2007 20:06:31 GMT # 

i have alot of digital media ... which is problematic for the Windows Media Player 11 library. on Vista, i've had it get corrupted 2 separate times, and have had to rebuild it. i've also had it get seriously out of sync (not sure how?) to where i had to manually delete the library and rebuild it from scratch. in Media Center, its Music implementation uses the library, so i wrote my own MCML app that is file and folder based. so when my WMP11 library is corrupt or out of sync, then i can just fire up my app and listen to music. but the best thing is my app is seriously more responsive on extenders.

now i'm having problems on the 360 and its UPnP tie to WMP11. took my 360 to the user group presentation about MCE dev to show how 3rd party apps can run on extenders. i've got it connected back up to my PC, but the 360s Video-Computer screen is showing directories that no longer exist. these are directories that were on mapped drives that are no longer mapped or even connected to the PC. made sure those directories were removed from the libraries monitored folders and applied changes ... no change. had the library update in the background ... no change. now i'm updating the library in the foreground ... its 3 hours in and just over 50%. this sucks. its gonna be another 3 hours before i can even test to see if it works. if it doesnt work, i think i'll have to manually blow away the library and rebuild from scratch ... again.

i know this isnt just a windows media player problem. my dad has an iPod and he's constantly having problems with his iTunes library.

what the 360 UPnP and MCE both need is a pivot that just shows 'files and folders' and bypasses the WMP11 library altogether. the pics below show the 'albums' pivot for both the 360 and MCE. please just add another pivot to each that says 'files and folders' ... that would be very helpful for users with large libraries.