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never played halo 1. started playing halo 2 when i first got my 360, but stopped when i realized i wasnt getting any achievements. do remember that i had no clue what was going on in the story, and i kept getting lost in the levels because i wasnt sure where i needed to go for the next checkpoint. didnt really try multiplayer.

got caught up in the halo 3 buzz and went back to finish off my halo 2 saved game beforehand. plus i had to do some reading in the forums to figure out what was going on in the story. thought the halo 3 single player was excellent gameplay. it kept changing enough to keep things interesting : environments, weapons, enemies, vehicles. knowing the back story helped, and when i got 'lost' a marker would pop up to show me where to go. took me a little over 10 hrs to finish, which i consider perfect. (short gaming sessions have become my reward for finishing articles)

then i tried multiplayer. got killed quickly and received my first corpse hump from what sounded like a 10 year old that wouldnt shut up. i really did not like that. he had to be muted. would have preferred to kill him in the game ... but he was way better than me, so muting was my only option. damn. after that game, i played through 9 more on basic training. the rest of the games were alot of fun. i was never the best player, but i was never last either ... i felt like i could actually compete. oh, and nobody else corpose humped me ...

... until i got kicked out of basic training. it forced me into ranked and social matches. i'm compelled to play solo, because i dont want to be the weak link on any of the team matches. so i'm playing solo and getting my ass handed to me. last place or 2nd to last repeatedly. and 2nd to last happened when another guy that was kicking my ass exited the game early, forfeiting his rank. with the default settings, i kept landing in matches with level 3+ players, even though i was level 1. 2 levels doesnt seem like much, but it was huge. then i tweaked the search to prioritize my level. and the level 1-2 guys proceed to take my name. damn. i'm hoping that these are all halo 2 addicts that are just getting on board and leveling up to 50 by destroying my pride. the problem is i dont want to be their gimps along the way. couldnt Bungie have used their past gamertag and halo 2 stats to grandfather them in to higher levels to begin with? and where are all the crappy players? i'm assuming they are getting sick of dying too, and just stop playing, like me. and what about my 'recreation' categorization. wouldnt think that recreational players would corpse hump? i would like to play some more ... just send me back to 'basic training'. maybe i just need to wait for the return players to graduate? or maybe i just really suck and need to stick to single player games on easy.

was playing ranked-lone wolf matches, which is quite possibly the problem. will have to try social-rumble pit and see if that turns out any better ... once my pride heals a little