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DesktopWeb FormText   e-ink readersSun, 21 Oct 2007 15:10:26 GMT # 

thinking about buying an e-ink reader. looking at mobileread forums, the iRex iLiad ($700) and Sony Portable Reader ($300) are the most popular. price-wise, the iRex is too much for me to even consider. feature-wise, the Sony reader doesnt support the CHM format. for CHM, you have to convert to PDF / other supported format first. honestly, i am so sick of converting video (and audio to a lesser extent) to acceptable formats, that the very thought of converting ebook formats almost makes me physically ill. actually, i'm really surprised the Sony reader doesnt support HTML at all. for formats, i really need a reader to support PDF, CHM, and HTML/MHT. 'MS Help' support would really be awesome. ... and whatever happened to LIT?

tried my UMPC as a reading device, but it hasn't taken hold. i'm still doing more reading on my older slate tablet pc. its actually time for me to refresh my tablet hardware, so that will probably become my next reading device and it will let me hold off until e-ink readers get more complete format support.