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DesktopWeb FormText   review : day 2 with Sony ReaderMon, 05 Nov 2007 17:39:14 GMT # 

still like the hardware, but now the software is really on my shit list. the pre-formatted sample books are in a Sony proprietary format called BBeB (LRF/LRS). creating their own format ... like that ever happens ... now i remember why i hate Sony. might have read something that Sony is going to open the format, but right now it seems to be closed (granted it has been partially reverse engineered). anyway, the BBeB format is what you want on the reader ... it works great. it also supports PDF out of the box, but the problem is you dont get the same level of zoom and pagination (as BBeB), which i consider a requirement. the docs even say something of the effect to read PDF docs in landscape mode to make the font bigger ... what a bunch of crap. so there are 3rd party programs to convert PDF to LRF. tried a couple and they work with varying levels of success depending on how the source PDF was created. haven't found a 3rd party program that directly supports CHM to LRF ... it looks like you need to go through an intermediary conversion process first. the funny/sad thing is that the Reader's ebook Library program's help doc is CHM formatted ... you're kidding me. at least the User Guide is PDF and has half-assed support.

that really sucks ... pretty sure i'll be returning the Sony Reader and wont re-purchase until they open up the BBeB format (for 3rd party tool support) and either provide tools to convert PDF and CHM to BBeB or provide native support for both. because even if the hardware is great, being able to get my own content on the device (with minimal pain) is what matters. until then, i'll continue using a slate Tablet PC as my ebook reader.