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DesktopWeb FormText   e-book readersFri, 16 Nov 2007 01:42:22 GMT # 

returned the Sony eReader to BestBuy. it was just too much of a pain to convert ebook formats. if i just left it as PDF, the font was too small. if i converted PDF to BBeB, then formatting for code segments got all screwed up. and to convert CHM, you had to convert it into an intermediary format first ... introducing another point of failure (and pain). that said, if you just want to read ebooks from Sony's Connect site ... it was a great device. if they update the software to better support PDF and CHM, then i would repurchase. saw that Amazon is going to be releasing an ebook reader, but it doesnt look like it has decent format support either.

since my slate tablet is something like a 4-year old generation 1 device, i finally pulled the trigger to get a motion computing slate. wanted one of their slates for years ... cant wait for it to show up! it will be my primary reading device, and it should be powerful enough for augmented reality too.

the UMPC hasnt really found a place. it just sits on the coffee table but doesnt get used. just not powerful enough. not to mention the shell needs an overhaul for touch use [cough iPhone]. saw that Samsung is going to be releasing a newer version with an upgraded CPU, but i dont think i'd buy again until it offered a bigger CPU, better battery life, and an improved shell.