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DesktopWeb FormText   media hardwareFri, 16 Nov 2007 01:55:01 GMT # 

er, um ... i really liked the announcement that V1 Zunes get the software upgrade to V2. it even compelled me to give the Zune a 2nd chance. so i purchased one of those firesale brown ones (yep, i like ugly colors) and will kick it around shortly. if i heard correctly, only the new V2 Zunes support MP4, so i will be missing that feature. plus that'll give me a reason to install the Zune client software and see why the hell they didnt use WPF. anybody try and reflect it yet to see how much its like MCML?

also saw that the PS3 is going to be getting DivX support. just so happens i'm one of those early adopters that ripped all my DVDs to DivX years ago. hauling a bunch of DVDs didnt fit the nomadic lifestyle. anyway, there are rumors that the 360 will be getting DivX with the fall update. honestly, if it doesnt ... dare i say ... i would buy a PS3 for its media capabilities. yep, that sucks. i'm really hoping the fall update doesnt let me down. but i've been wanting/waiting for a true DivX solution on the 360 for over a year. hell, the /mceDivX360 article is almost 2 years old ... what is taking so damn long? anyway, the real hope is that MS comes through with DivX for the 360 and the Zune as the same time. not likely ... but i can dream.