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DesktopWeb FormText   initial response : Zune30 v2Sat, 17 Nov 2007 16:25:06 GMT # 

my initial attempt with a Zune30 v1 was bad. only reason i decided to give v2 a shot was because of the software update for the Zune30. initial setup was alot better. the only problem was when it tried to sync a couple times before the battery was charged, and that was failing every time. fully charged it on an xbox and then it was able to update and get the latest software, and now its syncing fine.

device. i like the actual device itself ... yes, even the (shit) brown Zune30. the screen is still good and audio quality is great. my only problem with the device is it doesnt use a standard mini USB cable. i believe the v2 hardware doesnt use a standard adapter either. that sucks.

desktop client. the problem here is that client software is needed. the device should just show up as a USB mass storage device and any client software should be optional. serious ... give us access to the file system. i should just be able to drag and drop media onto the device without screwing around with a media library. here is a scenario that i cant do with the client software and Zune30 that file system access would allow. playing MP4s on an Xbox360 (without transcoding). so i could just drag an MP4 file onto the Zune30 (the problem is the client software transcodes it). if the Zune30 just treated it as a raw file, then the 360 (which supports MP4) could play it off the Zune without any transcoding. also, i'd also like to be able to use it as a data transfer device. the desktop client itself is fine. it built its own media library, which causes concern. why didnt it just use the WMP11 media library? now i have 2 different media libraries to keep up ... pain i dont need. the real test will be longevity and if the Zune library doesnt get corrupt at some point. oh yeah, still not sure why its not WPF? Reflector can see a couple of the assemblies : UIX, ZuneDBApi, and ZuneShell.

website. is nice. Zune cards are cool. not sure if Zune cards show up on the actual device? still need to try out podcasts on it too.

finally, the device still needs to open up. a screen, WiFi, and buttons is all developers really need. ultimately, the Silverlight runtime should end up on it too. and let people write Zune client plugins to sync custom data to the device.