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DesktopWeb FormText   red ring of deathThu, 06 Dec 2007 21:08:19 GMT # 

had an original 360 thats been working great for just under 2 years, but it died last week. when i bought it, i paid for the extended warranty through MS ... before the RROD was known, and before MS extended the warranty to 3 years. so i went to to register and get setup to ship it off and get it replace. well, its been something like 5 business days, and my order still says 'repair order submitted'. i have yet to receive the box to ship it back in. if i call the xbox line, it says to wait up to 10 days ... wtf? what really pisses is me off is that i paid for the extended warranty, which would make me think i'd get better support. now i'm an unhappy customer. they should have sent me out the casket immediately, and their online status should be more granular than 'repair order submitted'.

so i'm pissed off now, and i'm assuming it is going to get worse. since i have 2 consoles, i buy all my content on the original console (now dead) and then use a Memory Unit to sign into the 2nd. with the 360s DRM for downloadable content, it is locked to the console that you purchased it on as well as your gamertag. in this manner, the content is always available on both consoles. checking the 360 forums, there is a long thread about the content no longer being tied to your replacement console. if that happens, then i'll have to sneakernet the MU between consoles. there are posts about MS working around that ... anyway, i'm hoping they dont piss me off with that too.