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DesktopWeb FormText   first hours with WHSSat, 08 Dec 2007 05:18:21 GMT # 

the initial setup was easy. plug-in ethernet and power ... done. already owning a ReadyNAS, i made sure to put the WHS on an UPS. i really like how ReadyNAS stressed the use of an UPS and its console takes an email address to shoot off an email when its on battery power or if the temperature of a drive gets warm. definitely want to see that in the WHS console. hot swapped some drives in to the WHS and that mostly worked. 1 of my drives shows up in the console as being added but the LED is not on ... not sure whats up with that yet? do really like that the harddrives dont have to be identical, like the RAID setup on ReadyNAS. copied some files and it seemed fast enough; but i'll have to do some speed tests vs ReadyNAS. my assumption is ReadyNAS's hardware will be faster than what WHS does in software, but i'll take that loss of speed for the flexibility that WHS offers. e.g. duplicating certain folders but not others. installed the WHS console on one machine and was annoyed that i couldnt find the install as a download off of had to use the install DVD that it came with it ... hate physical media. now i see that its already shared by WHS. fired up the 360 and saw it as a UPnP AV server. what i really like about this is that its entirely file based without screwing around with WMP11s media library ... hate media library. the ReadyNAS can be used as UPnP server too, but i just use Tversity running on my MCE machine to share the NAS files. deleted some files that i just copied over and they were gone. i mean gone gone. the ReadyNAS is much nicer in this regard because it creates a RecycleBin folder and 'moves' the files to the RecycleBin. then you can really delete from the RecycleBin. WHS should really have RecycleBin functionality too. it does have some time-dependent shadow copy functionality, which'll be too complicated for homes.