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DesktopWeb FormText   dont whiz on the electric fenceSat, 08 Dec 2007 18:37:58 GMT # 

this post is just in case i accidently electrocute myself :)

it seems that everytime my refrigerator kicks in, it temporarily overloads a circuit. er, um ... by 'temporarily overloads a circuit' ... that's me attempting to sound like i have a clue. what's really weird to me is that it freakin knocks out everything. the fridge is in the kitchen, and it temporarily freaks out the NAS in the computer room and the TV in the living room. both are on an UPS ... but it went the extra mile once this morning, and the TV still went out. the UPS is supposed to be battery backup and surge ... so i'm not sure how that happened? its not like this is an entirely old school fridge either, i'm pretty sure its at least 2001.

calling an electriction, but i got a test kit to attempt some troubleshooting myself ... which means i'm likely to get shocked!