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DesktopWeb FormText   horrible xbox 360 supportTue, 11 Dec 2007 17:20:34 GMT # 

this has been my worst customer support expierence in a while. my original 360 breaks on November 28th. that day i submit the repair request to ... which was made to handle such requests. wait 5 days and its status still says something to the effect or 'repair request submitted'. figured something should be happening so i call them up and find out that the box to ship it back was never sent out. that repair agent was supposed to fix my order. no box yesterday night, so i call in again ... there system is down, they cant help me. call back this morning and the agent sees that my original repair request (almost 2 weeks old) never went anywhere. when i called back last week ... that never went anywhere. they are going to make me start over and create a new repair. i tell them that i've already waited 2 weeks, can they expedite this. not to mention i paid Microsoft for extended support. end up talking to a supervisor and they will not expedite the shipment. they apologize ... not helpful. they offer me a free game ... all of which i already have from MS company store (MVP benefit). i tell them that's not going to make me a happy customer ... at which point we stalemate. i ask them what paying for the extended warranty is actually doing for me ... not much, it pretty much only covers the DVD laser now. they did not extend it in anyway after MS announced the 3 year extension because of hardware failures. i tell them they should have left the extended warranty i paid for as-is, and then extend me out another 3 years beyond that because of hardware failures ... or refund me. since paying for the extended warranty does not do anything to get you better service. the moral of the story is after almost 2 weeks of waiting, my repair has effictively started over ... and i'm a very unhappy customer.