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DesktopWeb FormText   power is screwed again (or the condo is haunted)Thu, 20 Dec 2007 05:26:32 GMT # 

had been losing power whenever the fridge kicked on, but the breaker was never tripped. sometimes it would kick off the TV even though it was on an UPS with surge protection. electrician came by and tightened all the wires in the fusebox and that fixed it for a week.

well it went out Monday morning. i know this because the ReadyNAS sends me an email everytime its on UPS power. Monday afternoon, it did another surge to kick off the TV. yesterday, it kicked off the TV a couple times. tonight ... its been kicking on and off for 5 minute intervals ... which is worse than it was to begin with. i've got a newer UPS on my NAS and WHS, and they seem to be surviving the surge without any problems but my older UPS on the TV cant handle it (else its because they are in different rooms).

electrician is back tomorrow morning. my uneducated guess is that i'll be getting a new fusebox. not happy that a post 2K house is having problems like this. its not like this hasnt been done before. which means it must be a ghost ... probably xmas past. if this crap keeps up, the ghost of xmas future will see me moving again.