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DesktopWeb FormText   boot to the headFri, 21 Dec 2007 00:17:32 GMT # 

now it's just getting pathetic. had the xbox 360 on playing a video, power went out, and now the memory unit isn't recognized by the 360 at all. no gamer profile, no saved games, nothing. about a year ago, i had a game profile get corrupted on a different memory unit, but the MU was still recognized and the saved games were still there. all i had to do was recover the gamer profile ... not much lost. this time ... the MU doesnt even show up whatsoever. oh yeah, i had to keep everything on an MU, because i used to have 2 360s (one went back with the RROD). because of the 360s DRM, i had to shuffle the MU between consoles. now the 2nd 360 is possibly broke (not able to read MUs), or my MU is corrupt? i cant test the MU ... because the original 360 is off for repairs. i'll have to find an old MU and see if its recognized. i do have one of those cables laying around for reading MUs on a PC, will have to see if anything is left. oh yeah ... i just found a scenario for Windows Home Server backing up an Xbox 360. what a bunch of crap. anybody else want to come by and kick me in the balls? at this point, i dont think i'd feel it.