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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : still love the new gymSun, 23 Dec 2007 17:33:08 GMT # 

the new gym is so awesome that it's even open on christmas and new years! that kicks ass. i hate having to change my workout schedule based on holidays.

my shoulder and leg pains seem to be getting better. my workouts in WI were really pathetic the last couple months because i couldnt do much. now i have a ton of different equipment to use, so i can find which movements/machines dont bother my shoulder, and i can do a different leg workout every time. i'm actually starting to think that i became injury prone in WI because i was limited to performing the same exercises over and over again.

my weights are down right now, but coming back quick. max on bench is probably 325. not so sure on squat but 375 is a conservative guess. since it's easy to regain lost strength, i'm expecting those numbers to move up the next couple weeks. just need to be careful that my joints can keep up.

the new gym smell has also boosted the testosterone levels. i totally feel like i'm competing with the other guys there and that i'm marking out my territory. yep, i know that sounds primal and stupid. but being in the new environment and around new people is a huge pickup.