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DesktopWeb FormText   goals of y2k7Fri, 04 Jan 2008 19:41:34 GMT # 

last year went ok. the experiment was to reduce the # of tech books i read, and try to just use APIs, the web, and SDKs instead. ends up i did not like that experiment. i really value tech books for being able to quickly get the info i want and in an organized manner. could get the same info through other means, but the process took longer and was less organized. so expect to see some book review blog posts this year.

started out last year concentrating on Speech to help earn Office Communications Server MVP award. spent another half of last year wrapping up what i wanted to do with MCE. now i'm out of that space and fumbling around until i find something else to concentrate on. i did pick up a UMPC and wrote some code to figure out its usage scenarios. /umpcFrame ended up being one of the more popular articles from last year. the most popular article was definitely /wpfAugReal. ended up doing alot more User Group presentations than I usually do. that can become a time sink, so i probably need to cut back on that. disregard that i did a presentation last night :)

had a good year of lifting. at one point i was about as big and strong as i'd ever been. ended up losing much of that because of injuries, but i'm loving my new gym ... so this is looking like a great year for moving some weight.