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DesktopWeb FormText   xbox 360 DRM problemsSun, 06 Jan 2008 22:40:22 GMT # 

when you buy content through xbox live, its tied to the console you buy it on and your gamertag. since i have 2 consoles, i buy everything on console A and then sign in with my gamertag on console B. this makes it so all content is fully licensed on both consoles. had bought the first 100+ arcade games ... so that makes me a good customer. but when console A broke, it was replaced with console C (now i have consoles B and C). none of my content is licensed on console C, unless i'm signed in. to be signed in, i'd have to sneakernet a Memory Unit between consoles ... lame. so i call xbox support and they give me 2 steps to try : step 1) delete an xbox live arcade game and redownload it. tried that, and the game still wasn't licensed. step 2) delete my profile (but not the items) and recover my profile. so i deleted my profile and tried to recover ... 3 times now. but since xbox live is fucked up, it fails during recovery. so now my content wont work on any console, because it wasnt purchased on B or C, and i cant recover my gamer profile to sign in. its really annoying that i had to do any of this in the first place; they know the serial #s of the old and new console, they should have been able to transition all of this automatically when i signed in the first time. call support and their solution is to have me keep trying every hour. what a bunch of crap. i was already an angry customer from how they handled my console replacement. the xbox brand needs some serious customer relations work