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DesktopWeb FormText   recovering 360 profile ... more failureMon, 07 Jan 2008 05:11:28 GMT # 

more venting

in the CES keynote, i wasnt happy when they announced xbox live reached 10 million subscribers 6 months before they thought they would. er, um ... we can tell. live is sucking. buy more servers. from my xbox support call, i tried to recover the profile again. kicked it off at 10 pm, and it got further. in fact it was downloading the profile until 11 pm, showing about 66% complete, when i got the fly out blade saying that xbox live sign in was unavailable. the really weird thing is that my 512 MB memory unit shows it has 467 megs free. before i deleted the profile (which i thought was only 12 megs), the MU only had about 250 megs free. i definitely only deleted the profile, and not the profile and items. maybe it wont show the items until my profile is recovered (someday). or it got hosed up during one of the many failed recovery attempts. anyway, that's enough beatings for one day.