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DesktopWeb FormText   more xbox support shitMon, 07 Jan 2008 22:41:47 GMT # 

call them up today. start talking to a guy. even though i started out saying it was an 'xbox live' problem, it had connected me to a hardware guy, and he was going to get me connected with an xbox live guy. on hold, and then the call ends. my phone shows 3 bars. 15 minutes wasted.

against my better judgement, i call back. get connected to a new guy and explain my problems. 1) content i purchased is only accessible when online. 2) the profile recovery deleted all my saved games. this guy understands the problem and admits that its a mess. he really starts to help me after i told him i had purchased the 1st 100 arcade games (shouldn't they already be able to see that on a dashboard). he's going to connect me to a level 2 guy. i tell him i got disconnected the last phone call. he says there shouldnt be a problem. on hold for a bit, then he comes back on to ask more questions. he puts me back on hold, and then i'm disconnected. phone has 3 bars. additional 30 minutes wasted.

now i'm typing this ... freakin pissed as hell. they have my phone # ... why isn't a level 2 guy calling me back? do they really expect me to call back in and go through that shit again?