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DesktopWeb FormText   more 360 DRM infoMon, 07 Jan 2008 23:55:08 GMT # 

called back again and they finally got me to a tier 2 person. they took my console serial #, cosole ID, and my phone #. within 20 to 30 days, i'll get a call about the licenses being updated for the console. WTF. MS just had my console for 30 days, this should have been taken care of then. and why the hell does it take 20 to 30 days? don't you just change the old serial # to the new serial #?

what about my saved games being deleted? supposedly they might still be there. i'm supposed to wait 2 to 3 days for the xbox live servers to get updated and try recovering my profile again. and somehow the saved games will magically show up on the memory unit. yes ... i'm highly skeptical about that one. if it doesnt work, i'm supposed to call back in again ... great, i have more pain to look forward to.