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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn :Wed, 09 Jan 2008 03:20:21 GMT # 

kept getting injured in WI. had a series of leg injuries and my shoulder was really bothering me. at the time, i thought my age was catching up to me, but now i'm really starting to think it was repetitive stress. the gyms in WI dont offer much equipment, so i ended up performing the same motions over and over again. now my gym in TX has all sorts of equipment, so i get to vary the workouts dramatically. my shoulder is almost healed and my legs are starting to feel stronger. bench max is probably up to 350, squat might be over 400 now. legs are coming back slower than i like, but they haven't been at peak for a while.

for supplements, i just got done with Nano Vapor. you've really got to read the warnings on the bottle, they're awesome. e.g. dont breathe the nano vapors! the way i look at it, the more warnings a supplement has, the bigger it will help you get. just kidding ... maybe. anyway, i liked it and am going to try it again sometime this year. when i drank it, my body (and mind) seemed to immediately prep for the upcoming workout. and now that i'm off of it, i feel a bit of a let down.

also just realized that i can walk to the gym. had been driving to the gym, and then walking on a treadmill for 20 minutes to warm up. then it hit me that the gym was probably about a mile away, so why dont i walk it instead? now i just walk to the gym and immediately hit the weights. plus it forces me to walk back the extra mile when its over. now i just have to remember to take a post workout drink with me, so i can down that before the walk back, and then i'll be ready for protein when i get back home 20 minutes later.