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DesktopWeb FormText   UPnP : retracing steps (forwards and backwards)Sun, 13 Jan 2008 01:10:11 GMT # 

Intel provides the UPnP SDK for free, and they actually generate code for you. the odd thing is they don't provide the code for the core library. luckily its C# ... and Reflector exists. to get my server to show up on the 360, i'd started to modify the core library to make the responses look identical to what WMP11 is returning. by 'identical', i mean capitalization of HTTP headers, order of Xml Elements, whitespace (including trailing carriage returns). when i say identical ... i don't fuck around. seen too many trivial mismatches break the most robust code down. but the final change to get the 360 to recognize it involved changing some metadata. so i went back to the unmodified core library and the 360 still recognized it. but now the 360 has trouble connecting back to the app to get a directory browse. might be mistaken, but i 'think' it was doing an initial directory listing with my modified library. so it looks like a modified core library might be required again. either way, i've got a small foothold. also generated traces from both WMP11 and Tversity of happy day scenarios, so it shouldn't be that hard to match those traces. one difference is that both are exposing an extra MS service for Authorization/Validation, so i'm hoping those are optional. if not, i'll need regen my code with an additional service. i think the main risk now is how well the Intel code is going to handle serving the actual data, fast forward (trick play), skip capabilities. because i'm targeting video first. if i can get video to work, i'm assuming music will be of similar difficulty and pictures will be easier. also need to take a step back and see what the specific metadata change was to make it discoverable by the 360.