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DesktopWeb FormText   UPnP : 360 reverse engineeringSun, 13 Jan 2008 02:28:47 GMT # 

ok, i'm not 100 percent positive this is the case, but it looks like the 360 requires reverse engineering to get your UPnP server to show up. as opposed to just exposing all generic UPnP MediaServers ... the way i thought it would work. what's throwing me off is my ReadyNAS device that shows up fine on the 360, but doesnt have some of the changes i'm having to make in my app to get it to show on the 360, when viewed using the Intel Tools. i'll have to write a quick app to check, but now i'm thinking my ReadyNAS MediaServer changes its metadata and services it exposes based on if detects a 360 HTTP user-agent. for metadata, it requires the ModelName to be 'Windows Media Connect'. and the FriendlyName needs to be something like 'DumbShit : 1 : Windows Media Connect'. not sure if ModelNumber matters yet, but i've got it set to 2.0 for now (e.g. WMC 2.0). anyway, if i add the additional service for authorized/validated then it gets a bit further. this would be alot easier if this MS proprietary crap wasn't getting in the way. my question, why the hell is MS making it difficult for generic UPnP MediaServers to get content to the 360? i know i've seen a screen on the 360 that says WMP, Zune, MCE, Windows Media Connect only ... lame. owning the living room is all about content. since HD-DVD is losing any meaning, the 360 needs to flesh out the rest of its codec support. my immediate demands would be MPG, MPG2, and MKV through UPnP.