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DesktopWeb FormText   UPnP : codecsMon, 14 Jan 2008 05:11:57 GMT # 

an annoying thing with WMP11 and WHS as UPnP MediaServers is they haven't kept up with Xbox 360 codecs. WMP11 wasnt serving up MP4 when the 360 started serving it without a registry hack. WHS came out later, and it still doesnt serve up MP4 ... no clue how they missed that one? i dont think WHS even tries to output legit metadata. e.g. it only sends duration for WMV. still new to UPnP, but i think it could easily be corrected. the Xbox 360 as a MediaRenderer should implement the GetProtocolInfo action. GetProtocolInfo should return all the supported file types. so the MediaServers (WMP11 and WHS) should query the MediaRenderer (Xbox 360) for the file types it supports, and return all supported types. as the 360 gets more codecs (hopefully), GetProtocolInfo would reflect this, and the WHS/WMP11 UPnP servers would automagically start serving those files without requiring any code updates ... at least i think that's how its supposed to work ...