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DesktopWeb FormText   UPnP : the video beatings continueWed, 16 Jan 2008 03:59:21 GMT # 

wrote a screen-scraper to get some internet TV content to the 360. its ultimately WMV content, so i assumed it would work ... the problem is it is streamed with MMS. ends up MMS only works on the 360 through MCE. i mistakenly thought the 360 supported MMS natively. crap. the only workaround i can think of would be to have the UPnP server spin up a DirectShow graph to download the MMS stream and archive it to WMV, then that WMV file could be sent to the 360. ugly.

another feature i wanted to implement was video playlists. i wanted to generate a fake item that would end up streaming multiple items from a container (e.g. a series of music videos). the first option is video playlists ... not supported. second, maybe some way to have the server trigger the client to request another video item after the first item is done playing ... need to revisit the UPnP specs. third, start transcoding multiple files into one file, and then stream that file to the 360. that'd work, but is more processor intensive than i want. plus i'm sick of transcoding on the fly.

tomorrow i'll see what damage can be done with music.