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DesktopWeb FormText   from games to mediaThu, 17 Jan 2008 18:33:34 GMT # 

i'd really been enjoying playing games on the 360. i'm pro games because they are at least mentally active, as compared to passive TV watching. they were also a way to relax. but the whole hardware failure, 360 support calls, lost saves, and DRM problems have introduced a level of 'stress' into gaming. all that crap seems to have introduced a negative stigma associated with gameplay on the 360. really, i've got a ton of games sitting here, and i'm not compelled to play any of them. how fucked up is that? i'm actually finding it more relaxing to write UPnP code to serve media to the 360 than to actually play games on it. the only value i see in my 360s now are media playback and XNA. i'm hoping the next release of MCE will make that interesting again too.

the 360 is also losing me without a front man. for some reason, i actually trusted Peter Moore. he was generally late to admit fault, but when he did, he would do it publicly and at least fool me into thinking he was sincere. i liked that. the 360 brand needs that back.