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DesktopWeb FormText   killing wattsFri, 18 Jan 2008 03:31:09 GMT # 

for a condo, my electric bill came back higher than expected. since i've already had electrical issues, i've decided to check it out. started out by getting a Kill-a-Watt and measuring watts for all 110v appliances. most everything had a somewhat stable watt usage except for my refrigerator (its watt usage varies by a huge margin). for the fridge and other variable power draws i'm doing a 2nd pass to measure actual KWh over time. keep my dev notebook on all the time, and its almost always crunching on something. thought that would cost alot, but its actually quite cheap. my cardio workout equipment uses very little energy too ... this actually disappoints me. since it takes so much energy for me to use it, i thought (was hoping) it would take more power to counteract me (i.e. brains costs more than brawn). the TV and 360 uses quite a bit of electricity ... but its only on alot when i'm writing UPnP applications :) the other variables are of the 220V variety. most of these dont count because i cant (or wont) use them. stove ... cant cook. dishwasher ... disposable plates. washer and dryer ... bundle laundry service. lighting ... already switched to CFL and programmers like the dark. that pretty much leaves heating (thermostat) and a water heater (i do have to take showers). for kicks, i'm probably going to get a whole house energy meter to guesstimate what those are pulling.