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DesktopWeb FormText   video playlist blocksTue, 29 Jan 2008 19:07:16 GMT # 

still been thinking about how to get music video playlists to the TV ...

a) UPnP 360 - the problem is the 360 as a UPnP MediaRenderer does not support video playlists. but it does support the video codec i need (DivX). i'm assuming the 360 will ultimately get video playlists since you can now purchase music videos using the video marketplace. too bad the 360 updates are few and far between.
b) MCE Extender - can easily support video playlists and let me create a custom app. the problem is it doesnt support the codec i need in an extender session.
c) UPnP PS3 - supports the codec, but doesnt support video playlists over UPnP. the PS3 seems to support MPG1 and MPG2 over UPnP too (360 doesnt) ... if it were to get a UPnP update for video playlists, then i'd buy one.
d) MCE - it would definitely work to hook an MCE PC directly to the TV. the problem is i hate this model and am pro extenders.
e) alternate UPnP MediaRenderer device - one that supports video playlists and DivX ... does one exist?
f) XNA - maybe some hack to use the new XNA network stack to get vids to the 360 and then playback within XNA. this would be a hack, and i'm not sure its even possible with XNAs current feature set and partial trust sandbox.

seems like this should be easier.