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DesktopWeb FormText   time for a different carTue, 05 Feb 2008 04:20:58 GMT # 

been meaning to buy a different car for the last couple years. the problem is i'm not a car guy. never been one. i care more about the speakers in a car than the car itself. my current car is now over 13 years and 155K miles. had kept it in good shape, but its been in a downward spiral the last couple years. concidentally, i seriously started looking this weekend and the 'check engine' light came on today. for the 115K miles i owned it (bought it used), i've never seen the 'check engine' light until today.

the title is 'different' car, because i'll either buy used or new. i've got a family deal where i can buy a GM car pretty much at cost. that's hard to pass up, but i might, because they dont have many cars i'm interested in. but i'll definitely be looking at the cadillac cts. not really liking that its a sedan and that its ridiculously overpowered. i'd rather have gas mileage than 300HP. i'm also thinking hybrid, which i'd buy new as well. the problem is the hybrids are all sedans, but i'm going to try a couple out. otherwise, i'll be looking at used luxury-coupes. my main requirements are reliability and decent gas mileage.