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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : steroids and HGHWed, 13 Feb 2008 20:46:39 GMT # 

since its in the news ... steroids first. i know steroids work. never taken them, but i've seen a couple people put on ridiculous amounts of muscle and gain a lot of strength in a very short period of time. i know they were on steroids because they told me directly. granted, the guys that had these results had great genetics to begin with and they worked hard. i also know other guys that took steroids and didnt seem to gain strength or size. either because of lack of genetics or hard work. if steroids were legal ... they would just be an unregulated supplement with potential health risks.

i've taken HGH. you can legally buy some forms of HGH from respected supplement brands. i'm not sure if the legal versions work. can't say it did much for me. nor have i heard of any of my lifting friends mentioning any form of HGH working for them. checking the supplement forums, there are many claiming that the legal versions of HGH are such small doses that its just a waste of money. because of the baseball trials, i'm assuming the legal versions of HGH will end up being pulled, much like Andro was from the Mark McGwire fallout. i never figured out why Andro was actually pulled from over the counter sales? people weren't dying from andro, like they were from ephedrine.