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DesktopWeb FormText   home smarteningThu, 14 Feb 2008 00:11:02 GMT # 

the next logical step for my pursuit of pervasive computing is a smart home. it was that or telematics ... but i just got the car and am not ready to start breaking stuff ... yet. so the last couple years were targeting the living room, now its time to branch out to all the rooms and perimiter. going to start out targeting security and then transition to home automation.

the base security will probably start with an OTS system. i'm not handy around the house, so easy installation will be a requirement. else i'll have to get somebody else to do the physical install, and i'll do the programming. the system will also need to be reliable and extendable. i'll need to be able to get events triggered by the system, and might need to trigger my own events as well. if i cant find an extendable OTS system, then i'll end up building entirely from scratch. might end up building entirely from scratch anyways, just so i can piggyback off the security hardware for use with home automation too.