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DesktopWeb FormText   Klegg MediaShare (round 2)Tue, 19 Feb 2008 06:37:49 GMT # 

kept playing around with the Klegg MediaShare. it failed on some WMVs, but played many fine. it also locked up again when fast forwarding through some other files. music playback works, but its still no good for long audio mixes. it wont let you skip around audio files like you can with video. its supposed to do 1080p, but i'm only getting 1080i right now. i need to try a different cable to see about 1080p. HD content played fine. also found a DivX 5 file with multi-audio and it swapped between streams no problem. it works with my Harmony Remote too, which is a requirement to keep a single remote. played a 2 part video file, and it auto started playing part 2 when part 1 finished. ripped some DVDs to Windows Home Server and they played fine, menus, the whole bit.

for $130, i'm impressed. i think it has effectively removed a PC from my media setup. have an MCE PC setup, but have only been using it to run TVersity to play unsupported file formats on the Xbox 360. but now the MediaShare will play those unsupported formats along with streaming DVDs. so now my setup will be a Windows Home Server and ReadyNAS for storing the content. the Xbox 360 will be the primary playback client with the MediaShare as the secondary client for unsupported formats and DVD rips.