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DesktopWeb FormText   death of HD-DVDTue, 19 Feb 2008 18:16:24 GMT # 

too bad ... i wanted HD-DVD to win. liked that it was cheaper and had less DRM. was considering buying a PS3 (at the next price drop) for Blu-Ray and MPG support over UPnP AV, but not right now. the Klegg MediaShare plays more harddisk formats along with ripped DVDs. plus Windows Home Server is really steering me to prefer having all my media available on harddisk and just serving it to different clients for playback (vs sneakernet). the PS3 would have to improve their UPnP AV client to make it a potential purchase : more video formats/containers (Div3, MKV, FLV), video playlists, audio skip and resume (does the PS3 already have audio skip/resume?). the 360 needs to add those features too, along with MPG over UPnP AV, to remain relevant for media.

will have to rip an HD-DVD to see if the Klegg MediaShare can play it. i'm assuming it wont be able to support the menus, but it might be able to play a VOB.